Foundations of Biblical Studies

Any Christian reading the Bible can’t help but be convinced that the most important thing that we can do is to study God’s Word — from cover to cover… Genesis through Revelation.

The Foundation of Biblical Studies program will allow you to attend Bible college without leaving your job or uprooting your family by studying right in the comfort of your own living room — at a once-in-a-lifetime, low price that everyone can afford!

What would happen if you knew God’s Word — the Bible — inside out? What would happen to you and your family? You know what would happen? If you knew the Bible, it would absolutely change your life. As you learn Biblical principles, your character would begin to change. You would develop a whole new outlook on life, new insights and blessed hope. This course is called the Institute of Biblical Studies, and it is absolutely amazing.

If you teach the Bible or would like to, if you’re active in church, if you want to further your relationship with God, if you want to teach your own family, you will want to keep reading to learn about this new Bible program that can change your life — at a special introductory, once-in-a-lifetime LOW PRICE!

The Foundation of Biblical Studies is an all-new online program, which is a fully-interactive, digitized video presentations that takes you through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and it couldn’t be easier, more convenient or more affordable. Believe me, these 20 half-hour, interactive video presentations will take you through the entire Bible in a way you never before imagined. It’s like going to Bible college from the comfort of your own home.

What we’ve done is digitized and systematically organized the material for you and put it online in a completely interactive classroom setting. Simply put, it can’t be made simpler or more understandable for you.

More than easy, this Bible college program will keep you glued to your seat. It is not boring, but exciting. In fact, from this course, you will actually have the privilege of learning from one of the most interesting, experienced, and anointed Bible teachers of our time, Dr. Ed Hindson.

For years, Professor Hindson has taught introduction to the Old and New Testaments at Liberty University, and he continues to do so to this day. He is one of the most beloved professors on the campus.

We want to make this absolutely clear — even though this program is based on a college-level course, we have made it simple enough, easy enough, and interesting enough that anyone can complete it… regardless of your age or educational background. You may be a high school dropout. You may have faced many obstacles in your past. You might already be a college graduate. No matter what, you can do it, and you will learn something new about God and your relationship with Him.

Believe me, you can earn this Graduate of Biblical Studies Diploma and learn God’s Word like you never thought possible.

What Foundation of Biblical Studies Course Will Do For You?

  • Individuals/Students — Learn the Word of God with a new, power packed, fast paced, innovative teaching method that enables you to learn, comprehend, and apply what you learn to everyday living. Earn up to 6 hours College Credit
  • Parents — Studying God’s Word together with your family will draw you closer to God, and at the same time closer to one another.
  • Sunday School Teachers — Foundation of Biblical Studies will give you confidence in your knowledge of God’s Word as you stand before your class.
  • Homeschools — Fulfill your school requirements in biblical education and be eligible for College Credit.
  • Pastors — Foundation of Biblical Studies is a wonderful addition to your Bible reference library. The insights shared by Dr. Ed Hindson about life in Bible times, plus the solid biblical teaching on basic Bible doctrines, makes this an excellent resource for Bible study groups.

I mean, I’m talking about learning the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. You get 20 half-hour sessions of instruction — 10 sessions on the Old Testament and 10 sessions on the New Testament — and believe you me, Bible study just does not get any more convenient than this.

One of the greatest things about having this program in the format of the digitized interactive presentations is that if you’ve missed something or did not understand something, you just replay whatever you need to. You can make your professor repeat it over and over again until you do get it. Now, with such an obedient professor as this, anybody can complete this course.

As we said, you also get enhanced audio transcripts on the Old and New Testament, as well as student’s guided study notes in downloadable PDFs (over 500 pages in all) that take you through the entire program simply and easily.

We have even put this entire program in convenient MP3s so that you can download the audio and review the lessons anytime, anywhere — whether that be in your car, out walking, you name it — wherever you are. We have even taken Dr. Hindson’s videos and converted them into MP4s so you can download them to play on your iPod or other media devices. These are just two more ways we help you master the material in no time at all.

There is NO additional charge for these digitized audio and videos, but when you purchase this program, they alone make this program well worth the cost.

But here’s the part you will like best. You have read that this program is like going to Bible college in your own home. As a reward for your achievement, upon completion of this program, you will receive a Graduate of Biblical Studies Diploma from Liberty University.

And, as a graduate of the Institute of Biblical Studies, you are eligible for 6 hours of college credit from Liberty University (see College Credit).

And here is what you will get:

  • 20 Interactive Video Biblical Studies — Ed Hindson’s material is presented in a way you will remember.
  • 20 Pre-Quiz Biblical Study Reviews — Reinforcing the lesson’s main points to prepare you for the quiz.
  • 20 Lesson Quizzes — Online Bible quizzes, that are graded immediately, to help you evaluate how much you are learning.
  • How-To Section — Instructions to familiarize you with the learning system so you can maximize your learning experience.
  • 1 year website access to the Foundation of Biblical Studies Certificate Course

Downloadable Video and Audio content consisting of:

  • 20 MP4 Videos — Dr. Ed Hindson’s Biblical Study videos digitized for playback on your computer, iPod, or other media device.
  • 20 Digital MP3 Audio — Dr. Ed Hindson’s audio from the Biblical Study videos, digitized for playback on your computer, iPod, or other media device.

Downloadable Resources for your Biblical Studies reference library:

  • 10 Enhanced Audio Transcripts in Biblical Studies of the Old Testament — Dr. Ed Hindson’s Old Testament lessons transcribed and presented for maximum learning efficiency. (over 180 pages)
  • 10 Enhanced Audio Transcripts in Biblical Studies of the New Testament — Dr. Ed Hindson’s New Testament lessons transcribed and presented for maximum learning efficiency. (over 185 pages)
  • Guided Study Notes for the Old and New Testament — Special notes from Dr. Hindson plus material to help you takes notes on each lesson as you learn the Biblical teaching. (over 145 pages)
  • Artwork for Notebooks — The artwork for the fronts, backs, and spines that you can print out and insert into binders to hold all of your Bible course material.
  • Certificate of Completion — Your own graduation diploma from Liberty University’s Center for Professional Development and Continuing Education bearing your name that is suitable for framing.

This is a study system so unique that you will be able to receive college credits and certification in easy, convenient “time-bite” steps. Each course is complete with a signed Certificate of Completion. Upon completion of all offered courses you will receive a large, suitable for framing, “Diploma of Biblical Studies” authorized and signed by Dr. Ed Hindson. Nothing will limit you or prevent you from quickly accomplishing your goal of becoming proficient in the study of Bible

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